Classroom of the Future

Posted on 20. Feb, 2009 by in Videos

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  1. kinneyd

    20. Feb, 2009

    So, how do we get the district office to make this kind of environment available to us? I have been railing against the options that have been available to us through BUILD LACCD since we began "transforming" our colleges through our bond projects. Even when we fight to install learning-centered furniture in our "classrooms of the future" we are told those options are just not available to us. All we have to select from is teacher-centered furniture. And don't even get me started on the "modesty panels" that absolutely prevent collaboration.

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  2. Prof. Hendricks

    21. Feb, 2009

    I would love to have the kind of flexibility in terms of seating and access to technology….The idea of the instructor "roaming" instead of just standing in front of the room is appealing to me because it creates more connection between teacher and students as well as student to student. Having as many options for working with your class gives us so much more freedom to experiment with differing forms of instruction……I'm hoping this kind of orientation is being considered as we are remodeling our campuses:) we'll see….

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  3. devonwerble

    23. Feb, 2009

    You are both right! I remember seeing this same video at an OTAN workshop last year. It is so very powerful. It almost seems that we need to completely rethink how we are teaching in the physical space (spring-boarding from the presentation on Friday). Even though we may be changing our teaching pedagogy, maybe we should even begin to adjust how we move in the class, where we move to etc. In my supplemental instruction classes in the CD department I sometimes sit down in a group with the students, granted there are no more than 15-20 at a time. We also meet during my lunch hour (which I know is not allowed) so I will let them know to also bring their lunch or snacks and we all eat together. This has proven to be effective, they keep on coming and their grades improve.

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  4. Dale Fulkerson

    05. Feb, 2010

    After seeing this video I would like to show another video to FTLA called 2020 Vision. It is a vision of education that will be available to students entering kindergarten last year and cntinuing on untill the year 2020. ( Just 10 years from now) It is a little like science fiction. It talks about advances, politics, struggles to implement the new methods. Some of the things they talk about we already have. Some is yet to come.

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