FTLA@Pierce Day 6

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Agenda: 1. Grumpy Cats 2. Student Services Assignment Break 3. Peer Observations Lunch 4. Discussion Final Class Presentations 5. Welcome Videos and Picture 6. Group Hug 7. Drinks?   Grumpy Cats: What worked to support your learning today:

  1. Great stuff today
  2. Bob and Tech in the class, all the resources, Eddie’s resources
  3. Tech Info was really helpful
  4. Facebook group explanations
  5. Presentations on Tech in the classroom
  6. How to setup facebook in the classroom
  7. Flipped Classroom presentations
  8. Bob’s flipped lesson presentation
  9. Poll everywhere and Bob Martinez
  10. Networking, first-day lesson plan feedback, and flipped lesson resources
  11. Good interesting info
  12. Flipped lesson and facebook demo
  13. Having faculty members share technology resources
  14. Hearing about online engagement tools
  15. Creating a friendly internet environment for students
  16. Presentation on technology use

Remaining Questions:

  1. Process for adding FTLA class. It would be better to have this feedback form at the beginning of class so we can fill out with thoughts.
  2. How do I get a school email account?
  3. Wish FTLA presenters modeled the flipped and other good teaching values taught–more flipped session. Tech sessions could be limited to 15 minutes of showing us advantages and disadvantages and then spend the rest of the  time us create something or discuss/ either individually or in groups
  4. Specific details on peer observations requirements
  5. Team project still a mystery
  6. A lot of sitting without activity for most of the day
  7. How to use twitter, instagram
  8. Which social media sites beside facebook have people successfully used to engage students and build community?
  9. Actively implement all these ideas

Student Services Assignment: Irubric link Brainstorm! A few tools for mindmapping: Lucidchart, mindomo, mindjet

Homework for September: 1. Post initial brainstorm on Canvas under Student Services Assignment 2. if you don’t have one already, set up a dropbox account 3.  Have an awesome beginning of the semester!

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