FTLA@Pierce Day 7

Posted on 18. Sep, 2015 by in 21st Century Skills

Guided Writing

How was your first day? Describe how you felt, how did your students respond, what you noticed, how it went, what worked, what didn’t, etc.?

  • Think, Pair, Share

How are you seeing some of the ideas of FTLA being manifested in your classroom so far? What readings, activities, projects, discussions from your August FTLA sessions have proven most meaningful in the actual classroom so far?

  • Think, Pair, Share

Final Project Guidelines

Information Literacy Presentation

Assignments for Next Class on December 4th: All Assignment Should Be Posted to Canvas.

1. Student Services Due on Oct 30th

2. Peer Observation Due on Nov 30

3. Final Draft of first day and student services lesson plan due on Dec 4

4. Final Draft of syllabus due on Dec 4

5. Final Draft of teaching philosophy statement due on Dec 4

6. Final FTLA reflection due on Dec 4

7. Final Poster Project Presentation due on Dec 4


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