FTLA 2017 – Day 1

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Professional Learning in the FTLA

Setting Norms:

How do we set up the ideal learning environment?


Did you Know:

What does education look like in the 21st Century?

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Ice Breaker:

Why are we here?




Goals for the Class

  1. Reduce Learning Barriers: Many students have preconceived notions of what they cannot and cannot learn. How does presentation of materials impact their perception of what they’re able to learn?
  2. To build a community of faculty so we’re not facing these problems by ourselves
  3. To create more succinct lesson plans: shorter and more focused!
  4. Are the campuses fully aware of FTLA?
  5. How to make more course material more relevant to students everyday
  6. New strategies for intrinsic motivation
  7. Making coursework more relevant to students’ lives: administrative by in to move beyond textbook, finding something that’s relevant.
  8. How to incorporate technology like Facebook to keep constant communication
  9. Unlearn old narratives (like student writing, less motivation)
  10. Facilitate building more SMART room classes
  11. How to not have such a focus only on grades…

Professional Reading

Golden lines from College Fear Factor


Student Voices



Read  Bain Chapter 4 and George Siemen’s article on Connectivism. Find your “golden lines” for each article.

First day of FTLA reflection.

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