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We’ll be discussing Ken Bain’s What the Best College Teachers Do over the next several months.  You should be posting at least once per chapter.  We’ll move ahead according to where you will be in the semester, beginning with Chapter 3 “How Do They Prepare to Teach?”;

Chapter 5 : How Do They Conduct Class

Seven Unifying Principles of the Best Teachers

  1. Create a natural, critical learning environment.
    1. Pose an intriguing question or problem
    2. Embed the discipline in broader concerns
    3. Engage students in some kind of higher order intellectual activity
    4. Help students answer the question
    5. Leave students with a question
  2. Get their attention and keep it
  3. Start with the students rather than the discipline
  4. Seek commitments
  5. Help students learn outside of class
  6. Engage students in disciplinary thinking
  7. Create diverse learning experiences