You should have established accounts on the following sites:Google Apps

  • Facebook
  • YouTube
  • Google Drive – There are lots of webapps that integrate with Google Drive
  • Dropbox – Cloud storage that also gives you the ability to keep files on your computer in sync. Dropbox is used by many other programs to store settings or to keep their own data synced across multiple platforms.
  • Gravatar - This is a picture that follows you around
  • Evernote – This are also desktop versions and apps for the iphone and android available.

Software to have installed on your personal/office computer

  • iTunes – create iTunes account
  • Chrome – Create a portable chrome for your flash drive
  • Firefox – runs a close second to Chrome.  The mobile versions for Android are pretty good.
  • Picasa – this is a Google application that allows you to edit photos and videos.  It also lets you upload to YouTube.

Resources for classroom

  • Glogster – online poster creation tool
  • Dipity – create online timelines
  • Google EDU Apps – Lots of additional programs to add to your Google account.