Video Editing

iPod touch

In the app store there is the app, iMovie, which is available for purchase.  This app allows you to do all of the editing on your touch.  Of course, the biggest issue is that you are doing everything on the small touch screen.  There is a video and description of its capabilities.


If you have certain versions of Windows Vista or Windows 7, you can download for free, Windows Live Movie Maker 2011.  Another possibility is the AVS Video Editor, which is an open source video editor.


If you have a Mac, hopefully you have iMovie.  It’s a great little program.  If not, there is KdenLive, which is an open source video editor.  You do have to be comfortable using the terminal to install this program.

Web-based Video Editors

There are also some web-based video editors of varying quality and ability that are free to use.  JayCut seems like a pretty robust application.  The other option is to use the free, but very basic, YouTube Video Editor.

YouTube Video Editor Walkthrough

YouTube Preview Image