FTLA 2018 – Day 3

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Brainology: Read together using Jigsaw, which is a Reading Apprenticeship practice.

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The article discussed “Growth Mindset” versus “Fixed Mindset.” Participants discussed that cultivating a growth mindset would be beneficial to students.

Paul Tough: Connecting the Paul Tough podcast on This American Life to the Dweck article.

Key takeaways:

-The Mindset/belief system makes an impact -We can move past or barriers -It’s best to learn growth mindset early but we can start at anytime -IQ is a fixed , but skills can change -Focus on process instead of the “right” answer -Tests test test-taking ability but students don’t know this -Mentorship is an opportunity to break that cycle; community is another opportunity

Syllabus Re-Design

Wordle Program to use to check Syllabus



  • Syllabus Redesign Draft #1–Post on Canvas by Wednesday
  • Teaching Philosophy Draft #2–Post on Canvas by Wednesday

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